Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bob Marley Birthday Festival, Seattle 2009

This artwork I created for my bredren who is promoting the Seattle Bob Marley Birthday Celebration. This is the final art but the design is just a placeholder until the details are locked in. Then I will do a big poster of it with portraits of other artists who will be playing as well. But this central image will be the logo of the festival.


Roots Rocker

This is my piece for the Chair Affair, a charity auction of different chairs made into art by regional artists. My piece is called "Roots Rocker" and is a tribute to Bob. (It is all part of my master plan. I am using all these things to get me into the vibe of the next book.)

I am thinking of offering custom pieces like this one to the public, as I could see rocking this thing in my living room. If you are interested, holla.