Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A First Look

I am reading the Bob Marley book tonight for the first time. Excited, nervous. A little worried. I mean. . . a Bob book better be great.
However, I have a good feeling about illustrating this book.

I will try to document the steps to this book more this time.

Ok, I will shut up and read.
And draw on the manuscript, visually brainstorming.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Brand New Surf Art

Here are some new paintings that go with my surf show. If you scroll down a bit you can see my other surf art that this new stuff goes alongside.

The current show is at Sweet Laurettes. We have an opening party planned for May 3 so come check it out if you can!


"One's Trash Another's Treasure"
ink and acrylic on wood

"Reflecting on the Cosmos"
ink and acrylic on birch

"Blessing of the Session"
ink and acrylic on wood

"My Four Lane Freeway"
ink and acrylic on a cabinet door

"Fight for your RIGHT"
ink and acrylic on wood

"Exactly Seventeen Minutes Before It Got Good"
ink and acrylic on birch

"Soar Free"
ink and acrylic on linen

and there is one more that I have not shot yet but it is coming soon...

A lovely Interview

My homie, Holly, an awesome writer and all around saint, did a nice little interview of me on her blog. You can check it out here: