Friday, June 29, 2007


So I watched this amazing film on the Refugee All Stars from Sierra Leone. Wickid documentary. It followed this band from the refugee camp in Guinea who had been through shit I can not even imagine. Check out their link and buy the CD. If you see the show on PBS, check it out. I was flipping through as I was painting, hoping for some background informational show like the science channel or something, but when I landed on this, I stood right there holding the remote for an hour before I even sat down. It was insane.

I try to keep a close eye on the world in trouble but like the rest of the world, I knew just a little bit about the civil war there. So, what a shock it is to see now. Seeing video of the rebels playing around with a little boy and then as he turns to leave laughing, they shoot him in the back with a machine gun. . . Seeing streets filled with the bodies of POOR PEOPLE. . . Not the rich dictators or soldiers or the white colonialists who caused much of this in the first place. . . No, you see DEAD POOR PEOPLE.

What the bloodclot is going on in the hearts of men? I think of Murumbai where 50,000 people were massacred in Rwanda and if you look it up on the internet you will only find a few links. WTF! Google Jessica Alba's ass and you will get ten thousand pages dedicated to this celebrity bullshit, but look up one of the world's worst recent massacres (other than our massacre of Palestine and Iraq) and you get nothing. This is just the state of mind of Americans in general. Give them new info on something horrific happening abroad and they will shudder then turn back on E True Hollywood Story. They don't want to hear about that kind of evil. But they will pay money to go watch some crazy pervert torture people on the big screen. And then they will go spend $14 on a seven pound hamburger and get even fatter.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Portraits a Plenty

Tonight I am working on two portraits of kids of friends of mine. It is fun to do this because it is like getting paid to practice something I need to get better at anyways. And I really put my heart into commissioned work. I dont know why but I spend more time on those than anything else. Even if I am getting paid much less than for an illustration gig. I see it hanging in a home for years and it has got to be great. And that is where the negative side to portraits comes in. Jeez, I could make some beautiful kid look like horrible diseases plague them, or like they are actually seventy years old, not seven. I am sweating right now talking about it. Children are the most beautiful thing in the world, but YOUR OWN CHILDREN are just out of this planet perfect. I know all my kids are. And it is so hard to capture the perfection a parents sees. Your are doom'd before you even begin.

Oh well. I should know by now that they usually turn out fine. Better in fact. I have handed over paintings to several people where they cried as soon as they saw it. I will just go on believing that they were tears of joy.

Huh. So have I procrastinated long enough? Maybe I could do a little midnight gardening or reorganize my play lists. . . . . . . . or clean the studio. . . or . . . . . .

Monday, June 18, 2007

Book Signing with Henry Winkler and Jackson (Hank Zipzer)

Jackson had fun meeting Henry Winkler at the book signing for the most recent Hank Zipzer.
Jackson has been the model for my paintings that are the covers.
He is a fabulous model and so patient. And such a funny boy. Gotta love him!
Henry did a presentation that was really funny and after that we signed books.
Henry is a nice guy.
I should learn how to iron my shirts. DOH'!

How Deep The STRATosphere

I painted this for my friend, Jamie, who is my oldest son's step dad.
We had a very cool Father's Day all together.