Monday, November 26, 2007

Secret Glimpse At My New Show

Here is the first of a new body of work for an art show at Northwind Gallery in January and Sweet Laurette's in February. It is new and playful. In fact, the title of the show at Northwind Gallery is Playground. As I was working on lots of weird art trying to find the spark, I could not figure out the playground thing. Then it dawned on me that MY playground is the ocean and waves. And so I did this biographical show about my life as a Northwest Surfer.
Enjoy. Shaka.

"Tunnel Vision at North Beach"
Ink and Acrylic on Wood Panels, 36" x 36"

"Deliberation at Stumps"
Ink and acrylic on curved wood panel, 23" x 18"
"Deep Creek Delusion"
Ink and Acrylic on wood siding, 11" x 28.25""Brown Point"
Ink and Acrylic on 70's era peel and stick Linoleum Tile, 12" x 12"

"Usually Missing From The Washington Surf Scene"
Ink and Acrylic on Surfer Magazine, 8" x 10.5"
"Waxing Slow To Postpone Drowning"
Ink and Acrylic on Surfer Magazine, 8" x 10.5"
"Out-Waiting The Sun For The Last Wave At Elwha"
Ink and acrylic on shiny Wood, 15.5" x 17"


I begin
and end
in darkness
or light.
My soul
The brief
is not enough.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Teenager Behind the Wheel

Buckle up.
Yeah, to be fair, Clay is fine. You have no worries when he is driving. He is so careful the thing I yell most at him is to speed up. Can you freakin believe that?

Clay is so good, he goes with me to Library Visits and helps the little kids with the activities we do after my presentations.
Clay takes such good care of his little brothers, I am sure he will be their Hero forever. He is a gentle, hilarious soul. If he can handle having such a maniac dad, I am sure he can accomplish anything.

My Glory

Taj is truly my son. His focus is amazing. He will paint or draw or build legos or blocks for hours and hours without break. In fact, it can be quite difficult when you want him to brush his teeth or clean his toys up or anything other than the task he has given himself. But knowing that I was like that makes me smile to think we may have another crazy artist in the family.
Finlay doing his part to keep up the family tradition.

My beautiful people. My glory. My pride.