Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trapped in Regret

Yeah. Ok, I admit it. I run off half cocked. Always have done it.
The whole Trapped in the Closet thing that I wrote earlier was based on seeing a portion of it. And, I guess now there are tons of them coming (for as long as they will make money and for as long as R can rhyme simple words together). The second part, 12-22 or something, was good. I liked the story even though it was apparent I came in on it in the middle. It was like walking into a circus soap opera after days without water. Highly psychedelic.

However watching the first part undid much of the magic for me. It was much dumber. Like he started off with a crazy, psycho idea and did a few solo, then when he got some love from real movie people, they hooked him up with big concepts like, oh, a plot not determined by what rhymes with . . . (not gonna lie to you, I heard him say that is how he came up with the story in the first place. "I just let the rhyme lead me. Like run rhymed with gun, so I gave the character a gat.")

Still stand by my first opinion of it. It is some crazy, messed up, ludicrous shit, but I have never seen anything like it before. Proppas on that. At least.
But, yeah, it is not high art.

So now it is off my conscience. Go see whatever the hell you want to see. Don't blame me.