Monday, October 15, 2007

Thank God for Garage Sales and Good Jazz

This morning for some reason I jumped out first at a garage sale we were stopping at, much to Mariah's surprise and annoyance. You see, she is the queen of treasures found. She can go to a goodwill and bring home a Bently. Same goes with yard sales. I look out the window at mildewy boxes of trash, thinking no way and then she comes back to the car with a ............. (insert whatever hard to find thing I just asked her about getting the night before).

But not today. I jumped out and felt the tractor beam pulling me right over to a box of records. And wouldn't you know it? There were a bunch of wonderful vinyl treasures. A few Coltrane, Art Tatum, others and several really cool, old Miles albums. I am liking Blue Haze especially.

So, here is a new Miles painting in honor of my great find today.

The Two Deaths of Miles Davis. Acrylic on Canvas

And while I am on the goodwill subject, listen to this. One day this woman told me that she found one of my paintings at the goodwill in Seattle. She ran into me at a show I was having at the Sunlight Cafe. It was a huge portrait of Erykah Badu I had done several versions of. I sold each of those paintings for probably $1000 or more and she got it for $30. Now that's what I'm talking about.

On the subject of selling art, this painting was just sold to Greg Neri. He is starting a JJW collection down in Tampa.

This painting, La Fille D'Afrique, will accompany John Coltrane and the Astral Vortex