Monday, October 22, 2007

My Art in a Box, ahem

Here's a little ditty I call
My Art in a Box

Step One: You finish the art

Step Two: You put your art in a box

Step Three: You say goodbye to the art
Step Four: You wait for a while

Step Five: You check the mail all the time
Step Six: You open the box even though you know aint nothin in there but junkmail and bills

Step Seven: You check the mail seriously, all the time

Step Eight: You open the box, until one day you find something besides tons of junk mail and bills stacking up

Step Nine: Your little 8 ounce bundle of joy arives

Step Ten: You show off your bundle to anybody and everybody, you take walks with your precious and you stop strangers on the street to let them look at how beautiful your precious is, and hey, dont forget the pictures

Step Eleven: You take good care of that bundle

Step Twelve: You spend all day with that bundle

Step Thirteen: You love that book but at some point, you gotta let it grow up on its own, and you have to start your next little bundle