Monday, August 13, 2007


Ok, at the request of the Maginificent Mac Mccool, LinkMac Mccool, the magnificent,
I have decided to share one of the pics from my workshop in Los Angeles.
(AND, because some of the comments lead me to believe that y'all think this is a real pic, I must admit, photoshop and I got together on this one . That's not my ride. This is a pic of the inimitable Don "Magic" Juan in Miami or somewhere I have never been. Not my rings, not my cane, not my hat, not my ride, not my cup. Just my ridiculous face. Just wanted you to know so nobody asks to borrow my golden pimp goblet at some conference. And because I wouldn't want Magic to slap it out of my hand.)

To catch you up if you were not there, this workshop was about kick starting your career as an illustrator. Pimp yourself of someone else will. Artists are usually insecure and not great at doing the business side of the work. You need to create an alter ego to handle the business or get an agent.
Here is a super summary of the workshop:Get your work out there. Dont blow it in person. And most importantly: Do Good Work!

Cheers Mac, You are Magnificent