Saturday, August 11, 2007

Los Angeles SCBWI conference 2007

Hey unknown reader, probably just myself later, what's happening?
This year's SCBWI conference in LA was off the hook. I got to meet Greg Neri, my man who penned Chess Rumble (and fellow pimp). I took Clay who eventually warmed up to it and had a blast. That was fun hanging with my little man. Not so little, actually.
Had wonderful visits with so many good peeps: Ok, I started a list but erased it because that is just asking for it. Probably forget someone vital and axe my friendship and career. No thank you.
Here are a few pics. One is of Greg and I, the other is of a signing with Lin Oliver, Henry Winkler and My white ass. It was fun. I always like doing stuff with the author/s and illustrators. Good mojo.