Thursday, May 17, 2007


Hank Zipzer #11 is on the NY Times Bestseller List. Nice.

And I am pretty sure it was the cover art that made the difference. N'est pas?
(too bad I dont get royalties, eh?)

Tomorrow I go over to Seattle and hang some of the original art for the Hank Zipzer series at Third Place Books where Henry Winkler is signing. He is on a book tour for Hank and it is apparently working because like I said above, Bestseller List. I saw that Henry and the Hank books were on the Today show and after that Amazon was going off. People like doing what they are told. See it on TV, go buy this book. And they do. Like Oprah's little round sticker. Man, I wish I could put those stickers on my original art sometimes. You know?

I am bringing my boy, J-dog, who is the model for Hank, to meet Henry.

Hopefully somebody will buy all the paintings so I can pay for gas to get back home. Hah. Hah! Funny guy... No seriously. This Business is like a freakin see saw. I am on top of the world, oh wait, I am gonna go to debtors jail.
You gotta love it. Excitement and all.
Today I am down in the dark ditch, but just wait a few days or even hours, I will be back on top with a big smile.