Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The moon, on the way home from Clay's first football game. And more.

the moon
through the trees
some cars passed
our car
passing through the trees.

v vv v Q v vv v

So, tonight I am working on M______K. My new book I am so stoked about. I am working on sketches to put into the dummy and when I get tired of that I will end up painting for my upcoming show. I think I will hang it next week, so I have to hustle and get the new works finished in time. Oh, and I started working with h2-oils and of course, they do not dry like acrylics. The paintings just sit in the sun and in the fan's wind and laugh, wet as ever. Doh! It is really beautiful to see what extra vivid punch the oils give adding them on to the acrylics. It is just a little kick in the saturation. My sweet son who would be so pissed that I called him sweet, because he is 14 and... you know, anyways, he let me borrow his 8th season Simpsons dvds. So I am happy as a clam listening to them as I paint into the morning.

I also went out surfing with my bredda, Matt, yesterday. We got in at the Elwah and I surfed The Stump for a few hours and got some really fun, solid waves. It backed off a little as I was getting ready to come in, so I waited for a looong time to get my last wave in. . . but when it came, I rode it all the way to the shore and got a few tiny barrel sections so I was smiling like a shark in santa cruz. So fun. Then we had some liquid refreshment and drove to Green Point. Hiked through the woods, ladderred down the not-small not-un-scary cliff on the roots, carrying a board and backpack with wetsuit and broke through into the sunshine and out on the beach only to find that the tide way too high and the waves were slamming right on the shore. Actually got in and tried to sneak into some, but it was a little scary and so we wussed out and went home. Loads of fun.