Wednesday, September 20, 2006

sizzla in hills, JA

some more new paintings

"and the last shall be first"

bahia, brasil

a painting of an old woman I watched sweeping after the madness of a huge outdoor market wound down. she never looked up and never spoke to anyone. just swept.

Some NEW Works

It has been a long time since I had a show of my fine art. I have been primarily doing illustration work for the last year and so have not really done much of my own art. So, it was fun to get all into it again after the forced break. I found that I have gotten better since the last shows. I will not let stuff go that is not done just because I ran out of time. I also went back and grabbed stuff that I had "finished" years ago and did little things to make them so much better. Usually I always leave them the hell alone as a way to see my improvement over time, but I wanted to experiment and play. One piece was sitting at the back of my rack and it was from 6 years ago or more. It was barely even one layer of paint and I had been showing it. Doh! So I took it and made a really beautiful new painting based on what was there. Using it as an underpainting. Now it is freaking hot and I cant let it out of my living room, where it is my new centerpiece.

Oh, and if there are flagrant mis-spellinghsz. . . I am obviously automatic spell check dependant, so have mercy.